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Exo. (continued shitty creepypasta)
Sweating and breathing heavy, I looked around my dull white room, with only the beeps and hums of medical machines by my bedside. A pink haired nurse entered with a clipboard in hand and concern in her voice as she asked me if everything was alright. I said "Yes, just a nightmare." I then told her what my dream was. When I finished, she had this look of pity painted on her face, despite the only light source to illuminate her was a the pale moonlight coming from the window. She wrote something on her clipboard and placed it on the bedside and took out a syringe. "I just got the thing to get you back to sleep, and in no time you'll feel better by morning." She injected its content in my IV tube and not long after, I was drifting back to that world, but with a sense of calm and peace. Just before my eyes shut, I was able to read the words "Continues to be in denial of past events..." and saw a pale skinned figure with dark blue hair standing at the end of my bed.
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Kez and Jesse entered the bedroom.
Kez grabbed him by his crotch and said "What have you been feeding this beauty?".
Jesse responds with "Smols".
Jesse jumped on the bed on his back.
Kez seductively and slowly crawled on him.
Kez said "Be gentle, this is my first time, and with gentle I mean fuck me as hard as you can full force".
Jesse slowly inserts his dick into Kez' cunt.
She instantly starts orgasming.
"Ahh... AHH...
Jesse has the most apathetic look ever on his face.
But Kez is losing her mind as Jesse is ejecting his babies into her.
Okay so, this fairly high building was opened from the roof and everyone was allowed to go up it.
For some fucking reason
They built these temporary stairs made out of wooden planks and held up by steel bars.
And lemme tell you, it felt so fucking fragile
Like it was gonna collapse at any moment
Even when I went to the top I was breathing heavily
My heart was pounding
I was sweating
I felt like vomiting.
I finally felt safe when I was down again.
And the thing is, people saw I was scared out of my mind.
Some old woman looked at me like "Look at this poor boy"
NEVER again.
End of story.
(This story was written like this since it was originally written in a Discord chat session)
When Marry met Laurens at the airport, they ran up to each other and practically tacklehugged each other. "It's so good to finally have you here, Marry", Laurens said. They got in the taxi and drove to Laurens' home. Then as Marry closed the door, Laurens asked "Do you wanna have some... Coffee?" Marry's expression changed from neutral to puppy eyes and said "Yes..." Both of them undressed, Laurens revealed a 13 incher, Marry was speechless. They slowly approached each other, then when Marry gazed her eyes upon something else, Laurens took the chance to grab a pair of scissors from the table and pointed them at Marry. She saw the scissors and instantly became scared "Wait, what are you gonna do with that thing? No, stop! Get away from me!" but it was already too late. Laurens stabbed Marry's eye and moved it around several times, when it was finally out, he inserted his penis in Marry's empty eyesocket and started thrusting aggressively, all while Marry was still conscious. As Laurens finished up, he got a knife and slowly decapitated Marry. When he was done, he burned down his house with him still in it.
At the airport, Mark got out the security check and saw Jack. They hugged. "It's good to see you, Jack", Mark said. "Same here, buddy". Jack called a taxi and went to his house. "Should we do it, Mark?" "Yes". Jack undressed first. He revealed an 8 incher. Mark undressed too. Then out of his jacket, he took a knife, Jack turned around and saw Mark with fully black eyes and a demonic voice. Darkiplier has taken over. "Uh, Mark, are you okay?" "Yes, I'm fine" Dark approached Jack, Jack tried to run, but it was too late, he already had his back against the wall. "Sleep well, Jackyboy" Then Dark proceeded to slash open Jack's throat. He was violently gasping for air. After that, Dark inserted his penis in Jack's open throat and started thrusting. White stuff went everywhere. After Dark was finished, he started laughing evilly and slashed his own throat.
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